About company

Founded in 2008, the company "T-Services" first in Russia offers a full range of services in the field of supercomputing, the relevance of which is growing year by year.

Thanks to a unique set of competencies in the field of numerical modeling, as well as a number of developed and verified models, methods and techniques, "T-Services" significantly improves the profitability of its customers' projects in various industries including oil and gas, machine and shipbuilding industries, biotechnology and many others . In recent years, the company, using the technology High Performance Data Analysis (HDPA), also provides support for resource-intensive processing of large amounts of data.

The best experience in the field of numerical modeling offered by "T-services", can significantly reduce the costs associated with the need for full-scale tests, as well as significantly accelerate the introduction of innovations, thereby increasing the competitiveness of its customers. Methods of supercomputer modeling are widely used by large industrial enterprises, but due to the high cost of computing resources, special software and a small number of highly qualified specialists, were previously difficult for small and medium-sized businesses.

The main mission of the company "T-Services" is to remove the barrier between small enterprises and modern highly efficient mathematical modeling tools, by leasing both computing power and software, and performing all necessary calculations of any complexity by the forces of its own team of specialists.

The "T-Services" company offers services in:

Mathematical modeling
physical process
technological process
Development of mathematical models
to forecast breakdowns of complex technical systems
The management of HPC
for promotion
their effectiveness

HPC on demand
Development of specialized

Now "T-Services" has dozens of completed projects that have provided the company's partners with a successful solution of specific tasks in a short time and at the lowest cost. The company's clients include representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as major domestic and foreign corporations.

Thanks to the high professionalism of the team, the availability of modern supercomputer resources and specialized software, the company "T-Services" is ready to solve problems of almost any complexity, fully covering the needs of its customers in the field of supercomputing.